Prevent Problems With Your Heat Pump Equipment

Proudly providing heat pump maintenance services in Lewiston, Westbrook, Augusta, ME and surrounding areas

Heat pump maintenance is essential for any homeowner who wants to keep their equipment working at peak efficiency. Maintenance will not only maximize your equipment's performance, it will also extend the life of your heat pump equipment. That's why the pros at Heat Pumps of Maine recommend annual maintenance.

Thorough indoor and outdoor coil cleaning, blower wheel cleaning, filter cleaning, and refrigerant level checks - we offer it all in Lewiston, Augusta, Westbrook, ME and surrounding areas. To prevent system malfunctions and keep your manufacturer's warranty in effect, schedule a maintenance appointment with us today.

Check out our maintenance checklist

Wondering what you can expect when you hire our contractor to do system maintenance?

During your equipment checkup, we'll:

Test the indoor unit remote

Thoroughly wash blower wheel

Examine and tighten electrical connections as needed

Thoroughly wash the indoor and outdoor coils

Check refrigerant levels and verify charge

Verify overall operation of the sytem

We'll also inspect and clean components in your indoor and outdoor units, including condenser coils, fan blades, condensate drains, condensate pumps, evaporator coils and air filters.

Whether you need heat pump preventative maintenance, you've come to the right place.
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